Frankenstein Created Bilkers 7" Split Vinyl

Frankenstein Created Bilkers 7" Split Vinyl

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Bickert's films are all about the rock n roll party and we've collected two of his favorite tracks from FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS on a colored 7" vinyl record. This limited edition platter features:

BIGFOOT performing their crash derby hit "Godamned Pussy Gettin' Machine". Featuring vocals by lead actor Jett Bryant!

DUSTY BOOZE & THE BABY HATERS performing the mantra "Impalers".
Featuring Special FX artist Cory Poucher on lead vocals, stunt coordinator Dusty Booze on drums, lead actor Jett Bryant on backing vocals and Ellie Church screaming the chorus.  

Each copy contains an exclusive trading card and the cover fold out into a Gia Nova nudie poster to piss off your lover.